Annual Appeal 2017

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Dear Friends,

Old Westbury Gardens is now celebrating the conclusion of another successful season that featured spectacular blooming gardens, engaging house tours, lively music events and delightful children’s programs. We salute the faithful keepers of this treasure for creating and sharing this magical place for all to enjoy.

Today, it is up to all of us who believe in the importance of Old Westbury Gardens to support and grow our legendary level of preservation, horticulture, and education programs. While keenly aware of the many challenges ahead, we have an unyielding and optimistic new vision for the future. It is our hope that you will offer your continued support with a donation to the Old Westbury Gardens Annual Appeal.

Thanks to our community of supporters, we are exceptionally proud of our progress this year, including the completion of our Quaker-era Barn at Orchard Hill, a significant restoration project which supports the nearly 5,000 children who visit Old Westbury Gardens each year. Many of these children participate in our Environmental Education programs which directly enrich the science concepts taught in their classrooms. Our International Horticulture Intern program is once again hosting four talented young students, and Phase One of the large scale Hemlock Hedge Restoration has been completed. Our membership program is stronger than ever and we launched new events such as our first annual Farm to Table Dinner. We also welcomed thousands of visitors to events such as Picnic Pops and the lovely Midsummer Night.

Our long range planning and new vision will advance our preservation and horticultural initiatives to new levels, extending Old Westbury Gardens’ reputation for exemplary care of our historic assets. New engaging interpretation programs for the house and gardens, along with expanded adult and children’s education programs, are being planned. These innovations will further the understanding and enjoyment of our unique historic property, one of the finest remaining examples of a bygone era on Long Island.

Safeguarding historic Old Westbury Gardens with its beautiful paintings, rare collections and exquisite gardens, and advancing our ambitious new initiatives can only be accomplished with your financial support as members and donors. It’s up to us, who know that Old Westbury Gardens is truly unique and historically significant to ensure that the Gardens will be carefully preserved and enjoyed by generations to come. Please join us this year as committed supporters of the 2016 Annual Appeal. Your collective and ongoing generosity insures that Old Westbury Gardens will continue to thrive.

We are deeply appreciative of your interest and confidence in the organization. Please contact us at any time. We truly welcome your input and ideas. It means so much to us to have you as a friend and partner of Old Westbury Gardens.

With warm regards,
Carol E. Large
Carol E. Large
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Nancy Costopulos
Nancy Costopulos
President & CEO

If you wish to mail a check, please make it payable to Old Westbury Gardens and send it to P.O. Box 430, Old Westbury, NY 11568. Thank you!

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