Annual Appeal 2018

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Dear Friends of Old Westbury Gardens,

Carol E LargeYou are among Old Westbury Gardens’ most loyal and committed donors and we can never thank you enough for your support. As a direct result of your generosity, Westbury House and its incomparable gardens will remain among the treasures that will survive far into the twenty-first century. And, with this year drawing to a close, we are following up on the previous annual appeal letters in the hope that you will once again support the Gardens and help us reach our Annual Appeal goal.

Emily T FrickFor over 60 years, Old Westbury Gardens has provided a magical experience for many thousands of visitors. What it will be in 2019 and beyond will continue to be a reflection of the resources that you, as important members of the community and the visitors who enjoy the Gardens, are willing to commit to its support. Even as the Gardens plans for the future we are keenly aware of the challenges ahead. Safeguarding an historic landmark and sharing its legacy with a broad-based community takes bricks and mortar, sustainable programs, horticultural expertise and an ambitious preservation program. All this made possible through the use of modern, leading edge horticultural and preservation practices and a bold approach to experiential education for children and families which are funded through these contributions. Please help Old Westbury Gardens face these challenges with a contribution to the 2018 Annual Appeal.

We ask you to join us to support the mission of Old Westbury Gardens, to continue to be faithful keepers of this treasure. It is only through gifts such as yours and mine that we will fulfill our purpose to preserve this extraordinary and complete example of a place and time, and keep the Gardens available for Long Island residents and for visitors across the globe to enjoy today, and in the century to come.

With appreciation of your support, past, present and future,

Kindest regards,

Carol E. Large                                    Emily T. Frick
Chairman, Board of Trustees              Trustee, 2018 Annual Appeal Chairman

If you wish to mail a check, please make it payable to Old Westbury Gardens and send it to P.O. Box 430, Old Westbury, NY 11568. Thank you!

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