Horticulture Internship Program

The horticultural intern program at Old Westbury Gardens is designed for college students who are pursuing an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in the plant sciences and is intended to provide a practical application of formal college course work.  The program is structured as a 12-13 week program commencing typically the second or third week of May and terminating the second or third week of August, to coincide with the college schedule.  There is also an opportunity to partner with SUNY Farmingdale to take advantage of the large number of evening students, utilizing these students as interns at other busy times during the year.

This is a paid internship that offers a stipend of $9.00 per hour.  Housing will be provided at Orchard Hill utilizing the sleeping quarters at the Chauffer's House and the Cook's Apartments.  Housing will be overseen by an OWG staff member.

The intern will be exposed to all aspects of the horticultural operation of Old Westbury Gardens and participate in the day to day operation of the Gardens working under the direction of the Garden's Horticulturists.  This intern should be in good physical condition and willing to work outdoors in adverse weather.  Additionally, each intern will participate as a part of a project ream that will help accomplish larger tasks.

Educational Goals of the Horticulture Intern Program:
  • Herbaceous Border Management -- the identification, design, sequence of bloom, planting and cultivation of herbaceous plants in formal and informal settings.
  • Plant Propagation Practices -- the propagation of annual, perennial and woody plants for use in our floral displays.
  • Historic Landscape Preservation -- an understanding of the concepts used to manage historic gardens and mature plant materials.
  • Turf Management -- the renovation, cultivation, fertilization, mowing, insect and disease control of large turf areas.
  • Woody Plant Management -- the identification, installation, cultivation, pruning, fertilization, insect and disease control of trees, shrubs and vines in varied settings.
  • Safety and Environmental Concerns in Horticulture -- an overview of equipment operation, pesticide applicator safety, personal protection and the impact of horticultural activities on the environment.

These goals will be achieved by various teaching methods and include practical demonstration, participation in field trips, regularly scheduled work activities and individual and group instruction.

Application Process:
Application shall be made to the Intern Program, Department of Horticulture, Old Westbury Gardens.  Fax cover letter and resume to (516) 333-6807 or email Maura McGoldrick at Horticulture.