Where are ceremonies held on the property??

Ceremonies at Old Westbury Gardens may only be held in the Garden of Appreciation, which is adjacent to the Walled Garden. The Garden of Appreciation is not a private location and Old Westbury Gardens is open to the public between 10am and 5pm with extended weekend hours in the summer. Ceremonies may also be held at Orchard Hill only if the client is also hosting the wedding reception at Orchard Hill.

When can we schedule a ceremony?

Ceremonies may only be scheduled on selected dates and times April through September.

How long are we permitted?

Use is limited to 2-hours, which includes time for on-site photography.

Do I need obtain a permit for photography if I hold my ceremony at the Gardens?

A permit for a photography session is included with the rental fee (a photography-only permit fee begins at $325). The session may precede or follow the ceremony, but note that you are limited to an inclusive session of 2 hours in which to hold the ceremony and photography session. The location fee includes a mandatory, non-refundable Sustainer Membership to Old Westbury Gardens ($120 value).

How many guests can the Garden of Appreciation accommodate?

The guest limit is 100. Members of the wedding party as well as the officiant, wedding coordinator, photographer, musicians and others agents or vendors do not count as guests. Bookings are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Can we have music?

Soft music, live or recorded, is acceptable. Two 120v grounded receptacles are located in the Garden of Appreciation and an extension cord is provided upon request. Old Westbury Gardens does not provide an amplification system.

Can we decorate the area?

Limited floral decoration is permitted. Set-up may be no more than 3 hours prior to the ceremony and all decorations must be removed within 2 hours after the ceremony. Clean-up of flower petals is the responsibility of the users. Failure to comply with removal for floral decorations may result in funds withheld from the security deposit. The release of birdseed, rice or balloons is not permitted. Old Westbury Gardens does not aid in the decorating of the Garden of Appreciation, Location fee includes set up and removal of white padded folding chairs.

Where do my wedding guests park and do they have to pay?

Old Westbury Gardens staff will be on site to direct cars to the parking area, to direct guests to the ceremony location, and to enforce the terms and conditions of the agreement. Staff does not function as master of ceremonies or ceremony coordinators. Wedding guests do not have to pay for parking.

In the case of inclement weather, what happens to an outdoor wedding?

Orchard Hill or The Barn at Orchard Hill may be used as a rain location if available. Alternatively, Old Westbury Gardens can make arrangements to have a tent installed at the users' expense, but we must be notified at least 5 business days before the ceremony date.

Does the ceremony fee include a rehearsal?

Yes, a ceremony at Old Westbury Gardens includes a 1-hour rehearsal that may be scheduled prior to the ceremony date.

Does Old Westbury Gardens require the use of specific vendors for floral, photography, and music?

No, we do not require the use of specific vendors. Old Westbury Gardens requires a valid Certificate of Insurance be submitted from the photographer, videographer and any hired transportation service specifically stating “Old Westbury Gardens, Inc. is hereby included as additional insured as their interests may appear with respect to operations performed by the named insured.”

What must be completed in order to book the ceremony?

In order to book, your date must be approved, a Wedding Ceremony Reservation Form must be completed, and the ceremony fee must be paid in full. *A $500.00 security deposit may be required.