Do we need a permit to take our wedding photos at Old Westbury Gardens?

Yes. Permits are required and must be requested at least 6 weeks in advance. How much does a permit cost? If your party arrives between 9am and 3pm the base permit fee is $325. If your party arrives at or after 3:30pm the base permit fee is $450.

*Additional fees may apply—download permit request form for a schedule of fees.

How much time do we have to take photos?

Permits are for 1 and ½ hours (90 minutes).

When can we have our photos taken?

Wedding photography permits are issued for Janury 2- November 22, 2020, every day except Tuesdays and certain blackout dates. Permits are not issued for sessions that begin before 9:00am or after 5:30pm.

Do you recommend a photography studio?

You may use your own photography studio or you may select one of our preferred studios and receive a 10% discount on your permit fee.

Déjà vu Studios (516) 248-9600

Fine Art Photography and Film (516) 997-4200

Franklin Square Photographers (516) 437-1055

Patken Photographer (631) 888-0065

Jay Lim Photography (516) 333-0769

Silver Fox Studios (631) 393-6966

Studio 27 (516) 730-5007

Are there any fees for my wedding guests?

The basic permit fee includes up to 20 guests (bridal party, relatives), excluding photographers, wedding planners, and videographers. Additional fees for more guests are $50.00 for additional one (1) to four (4) guests $75.00 for additional five (5) to nine (9) guests $100.00 for additional ten (10) to fourteen (14) guests $200.00 for additional fifteen (15) to nineteen (19) guests $250.00 for additional twenty (20) or more guests.

What if it rains?

Interior locations in Westbury House are available for all sessions January 2-March 29, 2020 and only for those sessions that begin at 5:00pm and 5:30pmm April 1-November 22, 2020.

No refunds will be given if the shoot is canceled within 24 hours of scheduled start time. In case of rain you may reschedule for another date and time based on location availability and Garden approval. No refunds will be given if the shoot is cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled start time (see the Term and Conditions section on the permit application for compete information).

We want to have our pictures taken at the Gardens. How do we obtain a permit?

1. Email or call us to see if the date and time are available. To ensure a proper experience for you we limit the number of permits per day and per time slot.

2. Download and complete the form to request a Wedding Photography Permit,

3. Submit the complete payment for the permit fee and completed application.

We don’t have all the information to complete the form. Can we still reserve the date?

Yes, to reserve the date for the permit you must provide contact information about yourselves, the date and time requested, the number of guests, and complete payment. It does take time for you to obtain the required insurance documentation for your vendors so the sooner you provide that information to us the better.

Can I see the gardens before we decide to apply for a permit?

Yes, but you must pay any applicable admission fees but keep your receipt as your admission fee may be applied to your permit fee.

Are we the only bridal party on the property?

The Gardens are a popular location for photography and we only permit up to 3 wedding parties at a time. Please note that the Garden is a public place where visitors are welcome in all public areas, and that regular business continues during normal operating hours.

What if we arrive late?

All sessions are reserved for 90-minutes from the time you are scheduled to arrive. Should you arrive after your scheduled time of arrival, your time of departure does not change. If you arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled departure time you are considered a no show and will forfeit the full permit fee